Upholstery Foam Saw EZE TG-07 Cutter

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Product description

EZE TG-07 Foam Cutter does a great job of cutting Foam Rubber from hard to soft and multiple types of foam from open to a closed cell. This economy polyfoam saw foam cutter is great for the small or one person upholstery shop that only cuts 10-15 cushions a week (get the Acucutter if you cut more). Great for cutting cushions for sofas, chairs, loveseats as well as marine boats, automotive seats and panels. The EZE foam cutter can cut up to 7 1/2″ thick foam. Its flat base gives you a great platform with rollers to give a high precision straight cuts. Foam Saw foot can also be removed to give better freehand angles and shapes but will give a nice 90 degree cut with the foot installed.

Features of our product:

Lightweight for easy handling
Includes 8″ blade and base
Cuts sharp turns with ease
Removable foot
Footplate rolls on your cutting table


2.2 amp motor
Operates on 110 Volts
Single blade.
Instructions: Blade, guide, and foot can be sprayed with a dry silicone spray to help with cuts and reduce heat and friction on the saw for some foam applications. The saw blade should smoothly cut the foam, if it seems hard to push through the foam during cutting, then please lubricate the blade, you will get a much more professional cut.

Buy with confidence that you’re making the right decision for your unique upholstery needs. This saw comes ready to go, fully assembled with no additional parts needed.

Note: Not for Styrofoam (like a Styrofoam cooler) and if you are a manufacturer or have a large shop that cuts a lot of foam product you may need the higher end Acucutter.

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Economy polyfoam saw | Light-weight | Eze | Foam Cutter | Cuts sharp turns |Affordable |Removable foot |Rolling feet on bottom

PROFESSIONAL’S TOOL: The Eze Foam Cutter allows you to cut foam with speed and precision. This foam cutter has a single 8-inch blade to cut different types of foams easily. The base plate helps to steady the blade for perfectly straight, vertical cuts as well as sharp turns with ease.

LIGHTWEIGHT: It can be operated single-handed as it is light in weight. It also offers easy handling while cutting different types of foams. It cuts sharp turns by the ease and makes a clean cut with propoer finishing.

EASY CUT: Easily cuts Foam Rubber from hard to soft and multiple types of Foam from open to a closed cell. The

EZE foam cutter can cut foam up to 7 1/2″ in thickness.

GREAT FOR SMALL UPHOLSTERY: This is not an industrial Foam Cutter, but it works great for the hobby, DIY and small upholstery, Drapery and Prototype shops. Good for one person upholstery shop that only cuts 10-15 cushions a week.

EASY RETURNS & MORE: The product comes with one year warranty and may be returned in new, unused condition for 30 days. Free 2-3 days delivery in the USA.

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